Palestine is not for Palestinians, Either

sliv_the_eli9/15/2011 12:09:21 pm PDT

re: #2 imp_62

Optimist that you are, eli… The majority of nations supporting the statehood bid are very well aware of this “basic truth”. Hell, it is convergent with their own agendas for Israel.

Imp, while that is certainly true for many of the nations supporting the statehood bid, and particulary most, if not all, of the nations in the Arab/Muslum bloc, I think it reasonable to ascribe the support by many other nations more to what they view as their self-interest, i.e., ensuring access to oil, avoiding being targeted by terrorists, etc. For many of the nations in Europe and elsewhere who will support the PA’s gambit, it is less a desire to see Israel utlimately destroyed than simply the ages-old practice of offering up the Jews as the price of appeasement.