Birth Control Is Not a Women's Issue: It's a Human Right

Thanos3/09/2012 9:40:47 am PST

I just noticed that the thread got all bucked up…
1. Bible doesn’t trump law
2. Church organizations don’t have rights, individuals do.
3. Insurers, not the Catholic institutions are being asked to pay.
4. Where Catholics employ non catholics, the non catholics rights, benefits, and pay cannot be trumped by church doctrine.
5. Jehovah’s witnesses don’t get to offer plans that don’t cover transfusions, yet the Catholic leadership think they get to ignore the rules and laws.
6. On average more Catholics want the plan to cover birth control than those who do not, it’s only the tyrannical patriarchy that wants to trample rules and laws.
7. Catholic institutions have been offering plans that cover birth control for a long time, why’s it suddenly unbearable?