Adviser: Romney Was 'Shellshocked'

Ghost of Tom Joad11/08/2012 7:37:59 pm PST

re: #7 allegro

It appears that Romney has had his first taste of a situation he can’t control. Money, an important name, and a bullying nature couldn’t pull this one off. The American people won this one.

I feel great relief.

It’s exactly this. There has not been one situation in his entire life that wealth could not overcome. That and his family history have propelled him to his stature in life. He surrounded himself with what amount to bobbleheads, or what I call people who will always nod with approval at anything because they’re too lazy or afraid of having to confront somebody on an issue.

And, of course, this will never change. Nobody will tell him ‘he’ lost. It will always be the fault of someone else. A mean Obama, a lazy base, lying pollsters, bad campaign managers.