Marvel Comics Introducing a Muslim Girl Superhero

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)11/06/2013 10:58:11 am PST

re: #76 SidewaysQuark

Nope, it’s a normal assumption. All religions have died over a period of thousands of years.

This is not true. I’m not sure why you believe it to be true. Judaism has survived thousands of years, Hinduism has survived thousands of years, Buddhism has survived more than two milennia. That you are simply factually wrong about this should cause you to reexamine your argument.

So she has a “fake kind of Marvel-Islam” where polytheism is accepted?

Islam and CHristianity are basically polytheistic already; demons, angels, and in the case of Islam, Jinns all exist and have supernatural powers. Very quickly you could make the argument that those these other beings have godly power, they are not the one true god because they don’t have that god’s moral or ethical character or they will not sit in judgement or they are not the creators/destroyers of the universe, all of which are basic remakes of existing theology.

How is that even Islam?

Because it’s a continuation of the faith of “Islam” after responding to problems for that faith in the world.

I would think when someone finds out that someone they’ve been worshiping is just one of Thor’s buddies it would put a serious damper on their faith, unless they actually are nuts….

But Allah would not just be one of Thor’s buddies. In the Marvel universe, the Abrahamic God doesn’t directly manifest, but its power seems to be observable through the actions of angels. All three abrahamic religions accept angels as the workers of god, angels exist, so again, this point of yours is a complete abdication of the reality.