A Decade Without

Decatur Deb6/01/2013 2:49:54 pm PDT

re: #6 klys and whatnot

I admit that I am terrified of car accidents now. There are certain people who if they are running late and haven’t called I will start freaking out. Most of them know and so folks let me know. But there are days where I’ll work myself into a bad place until my husband gets home, for example.

Carrie’s dad got stuck in the traffic from the accident, not knowing it was her.

I keep in touch with her parents because it helps them to know that she’s not forgotten, that she’s very much missed and still in our hearts too.

At least that fear is rational. If something kills you it’s likely to be a car, gun or doctor. Skydivers honestly admit that the dangerous part of a jump day is the drive to the dropzone.