Christian Zionist Group Helping Fund Lawsuit Against TN Mosque

What, me worry?11/10/2010 11:58:29 am PST

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I haven’t had time to read the article although it’s short, but I saw the picture. Isn’t that the same wacko woman that was “interviewed” on Jon Stewart? It was a really funny interview.

CL, that article you quoted from the Jpost probably explains it here:

The declaration lambasted Christian Zionism as a “false teaching” that “condemn[s] the world to the doom of Armageddon.” “It is with concern that we note the negative opinions about Christian Zionism voiced by certain church clerics in Jerusalem… using inflammatory language they have expressed views that are far from the truth,”

It was that Armageddon scenario that I was trying to get at the other night when we were talking about anti-Semitism in Christian texts. It made a lot of people cranky.

I had no idea that the Christian groups in Israel feel this way about American Evangelists. That actually makes me feel pretty good! I don’t believe I’ve ever spoken to a Christian Israeli even when I was there.