Notorious Holocaust-Denying Rage Furby Chuck C. Johnson’s “Freestartr” Nazi Fund-Raising Site SHUT DOWN

Nazis not welcome
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White supremacists and neo-Nazis across social media are whining furiously today that they’re facing discrimination for nothing more than their “political beliefs” (which include ethnic cleansing), because yet another one of Holocaust denier Chuck C. Johnson’s scam fund-raising sites has just been shut down by their payment processor Stripe.

Johnson (who is NOT ME) launched Freestartr with creepy right wing photographer Peter Duke when his previous venture “Wesearchr” folded after an acrimonious split with co-founder Pax Dickinson.

Freestartr bills itself as “free speech crowdfunding,” and specializes in helping some of America’s most unsavory characters raise cash for their various schemes and legal troubles, including neo-Nazis Richard Spencer and Andrew Anglin (owner of the “Daily Stormer” hate site), “men’s rights advocates” Vox Day and Roosh Valizadeh, and far right conspiracy peddlers Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer. They were also raising money for an anti-abortion film supposedly starring Jon Voight.

Here’s the rant posted to Facebook last night by Johnson, in which he reveals that Stripe is accusing him of money laundering — which means he may also be in legal trouble over this.

(I’m breaking my anti-social media policy to inform you of the following.)

Despite personal assurances from one of the founders of Stripe and its top investors was kicked off of Stripe today.

I’m working on negotiating with them — even writing to the CEO and going to the media — but it doesn’t look good. Incredibly Stripe is claiming that we were money laundering. Yes, really.

Like @makersupport‍ before us @Freestartr complied with every request of Stripe. We were ideal customers with a ridiculously low charge back (among the lowest of any company). We actually provided MORE information to our customers than Stripe does and allowed people to have access to the emails of those backing their campaigns.

We were banned by Edwin Wee, a Democratic Party operative who now works for Stripe. I have screenshotted his Twitter accounts lavishing praise on Hillary. I recorded the phone call with Wee and he admitted that we were no platformed due to politics. They want to see exactly who are donors are and where the money goes.

I also corresponded with far left Democrat and Stripe general counsel Jon Zieger. You can check out Zieger’s tweets for yourself but he’s a loon.

Stripe allows Stormy Daniels to raise money through a British crowdfunding platform that is advised by former Obama employees, of course. They raise money exactly the way we do but they are anti-Trumps so it’s OK.

Daniels’s lawyer Michael Avenatti has a long history of fraud but he’s curiously allowed a Stripe account. Huh.

I have only begun to fight and I have retained counsel. There is a concerted effort to silence and suppress free speech on the Internet. First they banned us on Twitter, then they banned us from the payment processors.

I will never quit and all options are on the table.

Did I say he “may” be in legal trouble? I should have said “more” legal trouble, because he’s also being sued over identifying the wrong person as the Charlottesville attacker who ran a car into a group of protesters and killed one. He was served in the defamation lawsuit on May 5.

And he’s also being divorced by his wife (she filed for separation on March 26), so he’ll soon be single and ready to mingle, ladies! What a catch.

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Last updated: 2021-06-05 2:51 pm PDT
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