Muslim-Only Bathrooms at Aussie College

2/01/07 2:18:27 pm
#609 Cognito I get a daily newspaper and throw it away normally without reading it after it has laid around all day. I get my news on the internet. It's so much faster. Time will tell whether your diagnosis is ...

More special treatment for Muslims in the name of multiculturalism, at a university in Australia:

British MPs Meet With Hamas in Defiance of Ban

1/31/07 12:47:53 pm
British Ambassador Chamberlain MPs Met With Hamas Hitler in Defiance of Ban The appeaserstrue defenders of the world are really pushing the limits of acceptable behavior by pursuing peace talks with the Nazis, for "Peace in Our Time" according to ...

Pelosi’s Daughter and the Comment Swarm Phenomenon

382Michael Levy
2/03/07 10:10:52 am
#324 What was on trial in Kitzmiller was not the science behind the issue, but the practicality and "church-state" issue (another bit of nonsense, that) of teaching ID in public schools. Wrong. The issue was whether Intelligent Design was scientific ...