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1 Mad Prophet Ludwig  Apr 21, 2011 8:37:22am

Ohhh for crying out loud, this is a COMIC BOOK movie! Don’t get me wrong. I love comics. That is sort of the point. The root culture here is the comic book itself - which was the product of mid 20th century Jews actually. It has as much to do with actual Norse Mythology as The Hulk does with the real life physics of gamma rays (In high enough doses, they fry you and kill you, not make you into a giant green monster with anger management issues).

Getting upset over anyone’s version of a comic book based on real life expectations is ridiculous. Getting upset because you think the movie took liberties with a favorite character or storyline, from the comic itself, is another matter. Perhaps that is geeky, but at least legitimate (you should have had the way you treated Dark Phoenix in X-men III was a crime you BASTARDS!).

On the other hand, if you are making a movie about history or actual things, it is utterly wrong and stupid to try to take “artistic license” with reality (you can rarely improve on the actual story and it is rarely possible to make what actually happened “better”). Leonidas did not die that way you schmucks who made 300! His men fought to the last, piling onto his body to protect it! You really think what you did in 300 was more cool or moving? And for F-sake, the Spartans wore heavy armor into battle and fought in a phalanx! However “artistic” some might think it is, they did not wear speedos and capes into battle and they certainly did not break ranks to dance with ridiculous fantasy swords that look vaguely like falcatas! Don’t even get me started on the blackmail of Mrs. Leonidas… that never happened.

The problem of course with the white supremacist idiots of course, is that tehy really think the Thor comic book, again ironically created by Jews, somehow reflects their own white heritage. The fact that they are so stupid they mistake that for history is part of the problem. The fact that they are so insecure about their own many failures in life that they need to imagine they are descended from comic book super heroes is the other part.

So just in case any white trash “patriots” ever read this little comment. News flash. The actual vikings for all of their accomplishments in seafaring and sword crafting were utterly brutal monsters who made their living by raping, robing, pillaging and murdering. They were extreme terrorists of their day. They were pirates. They were outcast even from their homes in Scandinavia for the most part. They were not nice people. They were not folks to be proud of. Their justice system included trial by ordeal. Their mythology was vengeful and morose. They also rarely bathed, and one of the largest finds at any Viking archeological site (that identifies it as Viking) is a very large number of lice combs. Short form… they were brutal unwashed scum who lived in mud huts and smelled like lice infested assholes and armpit.

Guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in the case of the white supremacists.

2 Ogami Itto  Apr 25, 2011 10:29:25am

re: #1 LudwigVanQuixote

I don’t wanna be too geeky (or pedantic), but the awful “300” movie was based on the awful comic book by Frank Miller, who apparently couldn’t be bothered to do any actual research before writing his ridiculous (a)historical epic.

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