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1 Randall Gross  Tue, Mar 6, 2012 5:22:41am

Nothing personal, I always downding socky sockperson. [ check archives here if you are wondering about that nickname for greenwald, or just google "greenwald, sock" to see how he let down his side with dishonesty. ]

2 Obdicut  Tue, Mar 6, 2012 5:27:44am

The article makes too many false assertions to be really taken seriously.

Iran has not fully opened their nuclear facilities to the IAEA. I'm not sure why he's put in something so easily shown to be false.

They just said today they'd let them into Parchin. And they invited them to inspect Marivan when they knew they had no resources available to do so.

3 Locker  Tue, Mar 6, 2012 6:58:33am

Great article, thanks for the post.

4 researchok  Tue, Mar 6, 2012 7:19:58am

Glenn Greenwald's remarks are absurd.

They display either a complete lack of understanding of the current Mideast realities or they are a deliberate attempt to mislead readers.

America does not need to be at the fore of demanding a confrontation with Iran because America is not directly or immediately threatened by Iran- Israel is. Israel is and ought to me the principal agent demanding Iran back down.

That the regime led by Holocaust deniers is not cause enough to deemed confrontational- that the regime has promised to deliver another Holocaust is cause enough for Israel to take Tehran very seriously. 'We'll finish what Hitler started' may be amusing to Greenwald but to Israel just downwind of these

That America has said she will defend Israel is no more than a promise made decades ago. What Greenwald fails to mention is Europe too has made clear a nuclear Iran will not be tolerated and either covertly or overtly, Israel will not be hampered in defending herself.

Greenwald wants you to believe talking to Iran is like talking to Belgium. It is not.

The people of Iran are not the targets of Israel's fury- that is reserved for the regime leaders.

Iran was and remains a great nation with a great history. Iranians do not deserve the failed and cruel leaders fate has dealt them. Greenwald wants us to be reasonable with the same people who butchered thousands- not in some distant past but just a few years ago. These are the people Greenwald sees as 'fit' leaders who can be dealt with.

The victims are not all nameless and faceless. Recall Neda Agha Sultan, cut down by a snipers bullet. She represented the hopes and dream of a generation of Iranians. Glenn Greenwald wants us to believe the people who underwrote that tragedy are more reasonable than we are.

Greenwald is a failing pundit who has been seeking to rejuvenate a flagging career. He has found a niche by appealing to a baser, more aggressive crowd.

He stands in stark contrast to pundits who maintain their moral integrity in the blogosphere. History will not treat Greenwald kindly .

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