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1 Heywood Jabloeme  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 1:42:08pm

“GG is setting himself up, as always, as the greatest protector of civil liberties ever.”

I think that it is obvious that he will be seen by history at it than President Obama. If you don’t agree you might ask Dem Senators Wyden and Udall for starters.

But there will always be, as GG coined the phrase, “Obama worshipers”.

2 Heywood Jabloeme  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 1:42:39pm

add - much better at

3 Heywood Jabloeme  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 4:24:48pm

Proof that GG is better at protecting our Civil Liberties than Obama?

Obama himself said that these programs were a “balance” between of Civil Liberties and safety. So he himself said he traded off some of them for the program.

So, in regards to Snowden et al, is is thus a given that they are protecting them and Obama isn’t.

But that is the role that Obama is in as POTUS. The only question is, are those trade offs worht it and was it done in a mannner so that it doesn’t endanger all our liberties.

As are far was it worth it and done in the right way - you can count Wyden and Udall and the 22 other Dem Senators as a no vote.

4 PeterWolf  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 4:27:13pm

Don’t be fooled, Greenwald doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s civil liberties, save his own. He’s a weasel making money by pretending to be a journalist.

5 cinesimon  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 4:36:32pm

re: #1 Heywood Jabloeme

Critical thinker = Obama worshiper, huh?

6 cinesimon  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 4:38:47pm

re: #3 Heywood Jabloeme

I love how you think Obama is some kind of emperor who can do anything he likes. Apparently congress and the Supreme court don’t exist.

7 Heywood Jabloeme  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 6:44:09pm

re: #5 cinesimon

Critical thinker = Obama worshiper, huh?

Wyden and Udall: Don’t Believe Intelligence Officials

“Senators question the effectiveness of the NSA . . claims made by officials ‘should not simply be accepted at face value.’”


I think that I detect the fact that these guys have a different definition of “critical” thinking than you. What do you think?

8 Heywood Jabloeme  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 6:47:38pm

re: #4 PeterWolf

Don’t be fooled, Greenwald doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s civil liberties, save his own. He’s a weasel making money by pretending to be a journalist.

Same thing could be said about anyone who gets a salary for doing soemthing - Dr’s don’t care about patients, teachers don’t care about students, hell even Charles since he gets paid for us reading this site.

But that doens’t mean that they are wrong.

Greenewald is a little creepy but he is right up there one this one next to the entire WaPo.

And Charles runs a great site and produces great posts.

9 cinesimon  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 7:43:09pm

re: #7 Heywood Jabloeme

I think that it’s pretty obvious that much of this debate is going way over your head.
I think that it’s childish and bizarre that you obsessively use two Democratic politicians to hide behind, rather than engage in intelligent, substantive debate.
Why am I an Obama worshiper? I find the Patriot Act despicable. I also find Snowden’s actions to be pretty much empty with regard to his NSA-in-America ‘expose’ - much of the initial bombshell claims having been largely withdrawn by both the Guardian and Washington Post(you’d know that if you had bothered to read beyond the headlines and Greenwald’s bizarre, self-serving and dishonest rhetoric - but that would take away all that energy to behave the way you do) - and I think that his leaks about foreign countries to be essentially treasonous, if also rather empty and obvious.

The fact that you think my opinion can only be “Obama worshiping”, and the fact that you fall back on the opinions of others, and behave exactly the way tea partiers do, shows how lazy you are - that you simply can’t be bothered thinking for yourself when attacking others who disagree with your simplistic, dishonest understanding of reality. Instead, you hero worship Greenwald(yes, you are projecting your own issues when you accuse me of worshiping Obama) - and pretending that you know what those two Democrats think, despite rather obviously cherry picking what they have said, and ignoring things they’ve said that don’t fit your childish point of view.

Please show me where Wyden and Udall have called those who disagree with them ‘Obama Worshipers’? Please show us where they celebrate Snowden and Greenwald?
The fact is, I agree with most of what they say. But I don’t translate that into what you have - because I’m not looking to twist their views to suit my own agenda.

Your dishonesty is really rather obvious. You’re not fooling anyone, just like Greenwald has not fooled anyone but those who want to believe his charge that government’s objective - it’s actual objective - is to destroy privacy and free speech.
When are you joining up with the Alex Jones crowd? or are you already there?

10 cinesimon  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 7:49:02pm

re: #8 Heywood Jabloeme

“And Charles runs a great site and produces great posts.”

See this is weird. Your opinions shown here have made it quite clear that you believe that the vast majority of Charles’ posts regarding this issue, and his skepticism about Greenwald and Snowden’s rhetoric and claims, are without substance, and based on nothing but Obama worship.
You’re pretending.
You can’t praise his posts, and at the same time condemn them as ass kissing the big-bad-worse-than-Bush-enemy-of-freedom.
Well, you can - but, as with most people who can’t be bothered looking at this issue with a critical eye - you’ll find it hard to be taken seriously.

11 PeterWolf  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 9:01:56pm

re: #8 Heywood Jabloeme

Greenewald is a little creepy but he is right up there one this one next to the entire WaPo.

Really? But Greenwald never walked back his exaggerations whereas the WaPo did. Greenwald is trying to make hay and doesn’t mind stretching the truth to serve his narrative. He’s a weasel.

12 sauceruney  Sun, Jul 7, 2013 10:27:34pm

re: #1 Heywood Jabloeme

But there will always be, as GG coined the phrase, “Obama worshipers”.

Thou shalt not have any Gods before Glenn Greenwald. His worshippers are more righteous than thou.

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