Why women are less free 10 years after the invasion of Iraq

stabby3/21/2013 3:27:17 pm PDT

Things went bad for religious minorities and gays immediately too.
And there were news reports of families responded to their daughters being kidnapped by killing the daughters when they were released because of the possibility that the girl was no longer a virgin.

Recently there was a mania of authorities hunting down teens and young adults who dress non-traditionally, killing goths and gays. Probably because there was a possibility that those teens were gay.

This is Arab culture, the despots may send the secret police in the night to imprison, torture and kill, they may have family members raped in front of their families to keep people in check, but they also form a counterweight to the oppression within families, the oppression caused by the religion, the oppression caused by the tribes and the oppression caused by people’s attitudes/culture.