Oliver Willis: Sorry, But You Were Dumb For Supporting The Iraq War

wrenchwench3/27/2013 4:24:04 pm PDT

Too bad we didn’t have drones back then, because Willis seems to think they would have been just the ticket:

But terror cannot go without response. Iraq and other rogue nations cannot be allowed to possess terror weapons. Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other terror groups cannot be allowed to kill innocents in the name of “jihad” or other political beliefs with no moral grounding. America represents the idea and exercise of freedom, and in this case we should use our strength to rid the world of terror.

It is possible to deprive Iraq’s nuclear/biowar capacity without an invasion and occupation, possibly through a combination of air and missile strikes with support for Iraqis who come to us and seek help in forming democratic societies. The middle east, and the rest of the world, could see the example of an America aiding not despots and dictators – but “freedom loving people”, as the president likes to say.

Yet he knows exactly what constitutes ‘an eternal blot on your existence in this world and the next.’ Kinda like our Local Dating Fraud Monitor does.