GOP's Norquist: Don't Trust Maldonado for Governor

XtremeDave4/06/2013 4:04:49 pm PDT

Too bad for Grover that he doesn’t have to worry about Maldonado. There are literally no California Republicans who can win statewide office anymore. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the last of a dying breed, and he would never survive a GOP primary (the only reason he had a chance was because of the open recall election).

If California Republicans really have a problem with Jerry Brown, just admit defeat and move to Arizona or Texas right now. They will never get a more fiscally conservative Governor in their lifetimes (and certainly not in Brown’s likely successors, Antonio Villaraigosa or Gavin Newsom). I consider Brown a true fiscal conservative, because unlike the Grover Norquist and the GOP, he believes that government must be paid for, not destroyed. He cut the budget, then rallied voters to approve tax increases to end the GOP designed structural deficit.

As long as California can re-fund its higher education system, and reform environmental and zoning laws to allow more denser, affordable housing to be built in LA and the Bay Area, California will continue to be the greatest state in the union. Too bad for Norquist and Republicans, the imminent demise of CA is not close at all.