Website to search Ammonium Nitrate storage Facilities in Texas

1Peter G17/10/2014 7:40:04 am PDT

re: #5 SteveMcGazi

It’s a controlled substance precisely because it can be used to make explosives. You have to register and produce ID and have a valid reason to purchase it. As for Mich I believe he thinks he is performing some sort of public service. He isn’t. If you want to know if AN is stored in your community look around and see if you can detect something that looks like a farm. Or maybe even a golf course or two. If there is then it is virtually certain there is AN in your community. There has to be great big mountains of it available to farmers or neither you nor I not Mich gets to eat.

I have no doubt some find it offensive that farmers want to grow crops and they therefore require a fertilizer that also happens to be an excellent oxidizer but you’d think from Mich’s breathless post he was identifying FEMA Camps. Guess what? You can’t actually have a riskless society and I have little respect for people who think all risks should be borne by other communities and not theirs. Still if you want to get excited by something, check out the potential mobile fuel air explosivevehicles transiting your community. On the side of the truck it will genrally say propane.