Preventing Poverty Not Allowed As A Goal for Charity

Sufficient unto the day...7/27/2014 6:19:43 pm PDT

re: #8 1Peter G1

Except you had just stated charities with a goal of preventing poverty were in it for personal gain (no evidence presented). That if they said they were being audited for political reasons, that meant they’re guilty of something (again, no evidence presented), and then you ask Romantic Heretic what they’re afraid of.

I have no problem with government making sure that charities do charitable work, but the whole wordplay about relieving/preventing poverty is bullshit. I mean, is it charitable to distribute iron lungs and wheelchairs, but not to distribute the polio vaccine?

I even have no problem with auditing of charities, but again, this time it doesn’t look good. Unlike the fake charities that popped up here overnight that were asked for some extra info and freaked out. Oxfam has an established history, the programs it engages in have a valid goal…so…yeah…

Then its being told some of the programs that do have a valid goal are just…invalid because “REASONS”. And you’re fine with that.