Adam, Eve, Human Genetics, and the Collapse of a Fundamentalist Worldview

Bob Levin6/02/2011 3:34:57 pm PDT

re: #3 SanFranciscoZionist

The rabbinic explanation of why we hear only about the experience of one pair, when clearly there are more, is that future nations were thereby prevented from claiming a higher lineage from others.

This is a nice illustration of another principle. Frequently, the most commonly cited rabbinic explanation isn’t the best explanation, but it’s right on the money historically, anticipating Eugenics, Supercession, and other racially based ideologies.

Another such example is Ramban’s explanation of Genesis. He basically describes the Big Bang—and then asks, if this is what really happened, why is it written in this form. He answers, in the future when the ownership of the Land of Israel is in dispute

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