Protomartyr's Vision of Police State Dystopia: "Michigan Hammers"

Decatur Deb9/13/2020 3:26:59 am PDT

re: #77 Targetpractice

The data is from 2019, when UE was indeed under 4%. However, even basic back of the envelope math shows that this is a tempest in a teapot. They’re alleging that roughly $346 million came from 4.7 million individual donors that put themselves down as “no employer/unemployed” and there’s no way so many unemployed people could have had money to donate such large amounts to ActBlue.

That math bit I talked about? $346 / 4.7 works out to roughly $73.61 per donor. I think I got about that much in my piggy bank at home.

BS Warning: Wife and I are “No employer/Unemployed”, have been since 2004. We’re fucking retired. So are a lot of Lizards.