Netanyahu accused of 'crying wolf' over Iran's non-existant nukes

Destro10/20/2012 9:26:12 pm PDT

re: #52 Obdicut

Maybe it’s something in the way I was raised, but I’ve never been into group blame. It’s never made any sense to me.

Anyhoo, according to Destro:

Image: kurdish_children_polishing_shoes_in_hewler_np00433875.jpg

Not innocents.

According to the American State dept that was on Iran. In any case all I did is state that as a Westerner I rather live in Assad’s Syria or Saddan’s Iraq than Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabist state or in Iran (and Iran is somewhat better than Saudi Arabia) or in any Islamist state.

It is your side of asshats that are trying to run away from that truth.