Libya's spiral of violence (and the blowback dangers of regime change)

Rightwingconspirator9/12/2012 1:14:11 pm PDT

I read foreign”neutral *cough* sources too. Outside our bubble-Yes that is correct. But most fail to mention these sources have their own agenda, or bubble. The mid east is a veritable treasure trove of truthers. Millions of them, far more than here.

Funny how it’s nearly always the fault of the west. For supporting a despot. Then not supporting him. Then for helping remove said despot. Then for not helping enough or helping too much.

Then it’s all about this hopelessly obscure horrible movie that the US government had nothing to do with. A movie that the government is forbidden to stop because we have this heathen free speech thing. Not American policy. not 9/11 anniversary or AQ.

Welcome to the most easily cited scapegoat in the known universe, These United States Of America. it’s not about violence, militant Islam, bad governence, or awful domestic policies in other countries. Nope, it’s all about mus here in the 50 states.