Stephen Colbert Weighs in on Trump's Pathetic Oval Office Speech [VIDEO]

TedStriker1/09/2019 1:46:27 pm PST

re: #81 lawhawk

SMOTI thinks that improved health care access for residents of NYC is a bad thing.

NYC is already a destination because of our world class health care providers. He’s making it so people don’t get a medically induced bankruptcy because they need medical care.

— lawhawk (@lawhawk) January 9, 2019

re: #85 Jay C

“Commie???” SRSLY??

re: #86 The Very Reverend Battleaxe of Knowledge

Why not “ComSymp?” How old is this guy?

re: #87 Jay C

Not as old as those tired trite Red-baiting slurs the SMOTI likes to trot out…

Hoft is a real-life Frank Burns/Colonel Flagg; I’m surprised he hasn’t said “better dead than red” yet.