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LeftyRambles2413 (HappyWarrior)1/25/2020 5:47:09 am PST

re: #108 Dangerman (misuser of the sarc tag)

Then they’re going to have to explain what changed in those 55 days of holding the money and also why they stopped pushing the “request” for the investigation

- either they satisfied themselves there was nothing to the Biden allegations and so released the money..Hunter is clean


- they released the money knowing (and able to prove) Hunter was “dirty’

If they simply believed more investigation was necessary they should have not released the money and stood their ground publicly saying why. Of course they never should have held it secretly on an unproven hunch …which is where they are now, no proof of anything

No they released the money and dropped the request because it got exposed

There is no other way to explain the wild swing and swing back in 55 days because they’re still arguing he’s horribly dirty

It’s this fantasy that Trump was concerned about corruption that matters here IMO. If Trump was concerned about corruption, why try to weaken the federal bribery statute here? Why continue to treat Putin like a stand up guy and ignore the corruption everywhere in his circle. It’s a sham. This idea that Donald Trump is concerned about corruption. He believed a baseless conspiracy theory pushed by Russia because it helped him and he was willing to push a sham investigation on the son of his likely rival in exchange for aid. That’s abuse of power. And I challenge any of Trump’s apologists to tell me that they would be okay if Obama had conditioned Ukrainian aid on investigating Romney’s sons. They wouldn’t be and the scumbags know it.