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ObserverArt4/20/2019 7:18:09 am PDT

re: #110 HappyWarrior

It is refreshing to see that from a man who got elected due to the Tea Party stupidity. I definitely understand the cynicism towards him but if we’re going to not just impeach him and even defeat him in the election but make it so people like him aren’t viable again, I’m going to appreciate that Joe Walsh gets why Trump needs to go.

The only way Trump is going to be impeached is if there are a lot of Joe Walsh types that start saying what he is to Republican congress members.

Mitt Romney took a shot at Trump. There are the never-Trumpers that understand it might be necessary. Just need for the more and more conservatives to make the turn against Trump and he will be gone.

That is why the Democrats best bet would be to keep digging and every day exposing more and more of his corruption and keep mentioning impeachment. Get America talking more and more and wear down any opposition.

Next week is going to be telling. If more actual Republican congress members start talking about Trump negatively it will mean they have stopped down playing the Mueller report and actually are starting to feel some political pressure.