Is Netanyahu planning an October surprise? Using Iran war threat to help GOP?

researchok9/05/2012 11:45:34 pm PDT

re: #112 Destro

And speaking of lies, recall this?

Firstly, you accused myself and SFZ of being dishonest and lying.

Secondly, referencing what you wrote previously is a very good way to determine your credibility.

Thirdly, the fact is you have repeatedly made clear your feelings of disdain (and I’m being polite) towards religious people speaks volumes. Even Curious Lurker, who is probably has forgotten more about Islam (the real Islam, not the version you seem to reference) and who is one of the more decent band finer people on this board made clear her contempt for your so called ‘progressive’ ideals. It takes a lot to piss her off and she doesn’t miss much.

Now, as for other lie, you said I am cheerleader for an attack on Iran. Really? Man up and show me where I said that. Be a man, stand by your words. Show some integrity.

I have never called for an attack on Iran and infact, I have more sympathy for the people you claim repulse you.

I have no compulsion calling you a liar because that is precisely what you are.

And everyone reading this by now knows that truth.

Piss on others, get pissed on.

Man up