Open Letter to the Jewish Members of LGF

_RememberTonyC4/28/2011 4:58:32 pm PDT

Nice post, CL. I can think of very few issues that make emotions run higher than the conflict between Israel and it’s neighbors. I appreciate the way you have presented your feelings. It was done in an intellectually honest way. And it showed respect for others, including those you have disagreed with. I have always felt that one of the most important 20th century leaders was Anwar el Sadat because he saw how destructive hatred was and moved decisively to end it. Sadly, he was taken far too soon. I believe that he would have brought democratic progress to Egypt in much the same way that he brougt hope and a measure of peace to Israel. I truly believe that the only hope for Mideast peace is for other figures like Sadat to emerge. Of course there is blame on both sides of this conflict. But if Sadat was able to make nice with an old warhorse like Menachem Begin, someone like Sadat can hopefully do the same with Israel’s current and future leaders.