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Jay C11/23/2019 7:18:01 am PST

re: #109 Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))

re: #108 makeitstop

Yeah, discovery will be a bitch.

Doesn’t he have a lawyer to tell him not to be a litigious bonehead?

I can only assume he has calculated that it will pay off in publicity

Yeah: that Daily Wire piece is not exactly a model of unbiased journalism: I noticed that their prime cite for Nunes’ comments is Breitbart, so there we are (and their harping on Nunes’ issues with “far-left network” CNN)…

I would think that Parnas’ allegations ought to be fairly simple to disprove: either Nunes was in Vienna on the dates alleged, or not. If not - well, Cow Man can’t be wrong ALL the time (no matter how hard he tries), and publishing the claim IS irresponsible journalism (though whether or not it rises to the level of actionable lawsuit is beyond me to guess). But if they’re right…..