Gutfeld's Stunt: A Ground Zero Gay Bar

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re: #114 Fat Bastard Vegetarian

Gotta run… quick little funny thing… happened to me yesterday.

I was at a customer’s house who was a double amputee (legs). Told me, “I got some shoes for sale.”

Totally serious. I’m still laughing about it.

That’s a good one!
I’m glad it lifted your spirits.

I’ve got a funny story too, a “tea party” story.

I got an automated phone call from the La tea party. I actually listened to the whole recording.

In it, they bashed a politician who I happen to have a great deal of respect for - solid and sane.

In the call, they finally got around to their main point - he is *shudder* a RINO!
EW! Yuck! Ptui!

I hung onto the line hoping that I would get real person at the end of the call, so I could tell them I am also *shudder* a RINO! Didn’t happen. But I did get a good laugh.