Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at the President and His GOP Allies Floating a Ludicrous Conspiracy Theory That Ukraine Interfered in the 2016 Election

Eclectic Cyborg11/26/2019 6:36:07 am PST


Most of you know my cat Eisley. For reference, this is her:

Anyway, she’s primarily an outdoor cat but I do bring her inside at times, especially when it’s pretty cold outside. She usually gets along well with the dogs and is not even that destructive with any of the furniture or fabrics in the house. Basically, she’s pretty chill for the most part.

But some some weird reason when I brought her in last night she was growling a bit and acting quite aggressively, at least towards me. Once, when I picked her up, she took a swipe at me which is something she RARELY does. She still didn’t bother the dogs or tear up anything in the house. When I went out to feed her this morning, she seemed her normal self again.

There was nothing out of the ordinary going on at the house last night, the only people there were people she is used to. I honestly have no idea what set her off. Any other overlord owners had things like this happen?