Trevor Noah: Ill-Fated Premature Coronavirus Victory Laps

Anymouse 🌹🏡😷7/15/2020 4:56:10 am PDT

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I’m mostly noticing this because I used to work for the MN DNR (often with the parks department), but there is NO information on that Smith Falls SP site about Covid-19 procedures while using the park. If you open a website for a MN park the first thing on the site is a VISITOR ALERT with information about what’s open or closed, where you can’t camp, and rules you must follow to use the park safely.

We’re kind of authoritarian like that up here. Have fun but follow the goddamned rules!

Governor Ameritrade has been heavily pushing in-state tourism. He doesn’t want to scare people off from spending money by acknowledging there’s a pandemic.

We’ll be following the rules on Covid-19.