So Good: Bon Iver's Full Concert at Brooklyn's Pioneer Works

Odie Hugh Manatee12/31/2016 12:51:42 am PST

If anyone here wants to laugh at Russian-loving conservatives saying stupid shit, go check out this thread at [H]ardforum.

A taste:

And the American people need to trust the Democrats now, because unlike evidenced by the leaks themselves and false propaganda stories about how Benghazi was about a youtube video, they are being very honest this time… no really.

Remember guys, it doesn’t matter if all the leaks were factual about the dirt on the Democratic Party. What matters is that the Russians supposedly exposed them, and provided us the transparency the Democrats have always promised.

Its funny and yet scary how the Democrats are now the McCarthyist hawks, war-mongering and clamoring for WW3 with Russia, just for supposedly exposing many in the party for being crooks. I’d wager this is just a last desperate act for damage control though, to flush out the whistleblower and take away focus from what was in the leaks, and instead focus attention on who leaked it and attempt to delegitimize the now completely Republican dominated government that won all three branches, and doing everything possible to try to salt the earth on their way out. After all, their biggest fear is not that the Republican dominated government will fail, but that the United States will by healthy, strong, and prosper, because then it’d be proof we really don’t need them.

This asshat I quoted (Ducman69) is a Nazi-excusing MRA racist piece of shit that shits on the poor, women, minorities, immigrants, Muslims and… well, let’s just say that he hates anyone who isn’t well off, white and on his side. It’s a great tech forum there but the owners run it like their own personal political web site, personal vendettas and all. People like him are the norm.

I quit posting at the shit hole about five years ago but do like to go back to the zoo and see what the owners are letting the animals chew on.