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Yeah Sure WhatEVs1/22/2021 7:27:21 am PST

re: #123 John Hughes

My wife was off work for a month or so after getting COVID-19. When she got back to work she found that 20 of the residents in the care home where she works were dead.

The vaccine would have saved most of them.

She’s used to a couple of deaths a month. But 20? I don’t think letting 20 people die just because you’re worried about how it might be “seen” is defensible.

Not “seen”, unexplained. And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not in any way saying they shouldn’t be getting the vaccine. I completely understand the why. But without explanation, this will scare off how many others from taking the vaccine which is counterproductive to the Nth degree.

My SIL works in a rather large LTC facility. I know the carnage LTC facilities are facing. She’s the only one working there who has yet to get COVID. She’s gotten her first dose so she’s not yet out of the woods.

Again, please don’t misconstrue my comment as wanting a bunch of old people to die because that’s in no way what I was saying or meaning.