Bonus Video From Snarky Puppy: "Shapons Vindaloo" Feat. Väsen

Wendell Zurkowitz ((slave to the waffle light))2/20/2021 5:27:46 am PST

re: #127 Florida Panhandler

So in other words Republicans will now get to choose if they want to hate black people (ok- really just about everyone in the world not white American Protestant Christian) openly or in secret depending on who to follow.

The GOP Establishment hated Trump but other candidates declined to attack him in 2016 in hopes of picking up his followers when he flamed out (as nearly everybody expected him to do).

But they misunderestimated his drawing power and his total immunity to the conventions and laws of modern politics.

Thing is, none of them would have been able to appeal to more than a small share of his hard-core following. And that is the dilemma they face now: how to appeal to Trump fans without being Trump.