Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin Defend 'Duck Dynasty' Star's Homophobia and Racism

Justanotherhuman12/19/2013 11:36:34 am PST

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In 2012, Louisiana doled out $231 million in film production subsidies (film/tv/broadcast). It breaks out to about $50 million in credits sold back to the state and the remainder evenly split between corporate and individual income tax breaks.

This is how the credit breaks down for an individual production. The problem is that many states have canned the film production incentives because they aren’t generating the money claimed, and aren’t delivering the economic benefits sought (namely jobs).


“The Louisiana Motion Picture Industry Development Tax Credit provides a 30% tax credit on qualified expenditures with no project or program caps (on qualified Louisiana expenses).” Plus, the additional 5% for LA residents who work in the filming.

Nice subsidy for the Robertsons and Gurney Productions since isn’t it filmed entirely in LA? You know the Robertsons have a lot of creative control over it, too, employing their large, extended family.