Gutfeld's Stunt: A Ground Zero Gay Bar

captdiggs8/10/2010 10:32:12 am PDT

re: #9 Charles

He wouldn’t be on Fox News if he was a supporter of gay rights.

(Bill) O’Reilly has been a contrarian for years. While labeling himself a “traditionalist”—although never a ‘conservative’—and a “culture warrior,” he supports some gun-control restrictions as well as gay adoption and civil unions.

In a 2008 interview with Marvin Kalb on PBS, O’Reilly, who is hostile to the “progressive agenda,” took some decidedly progressive stands on same-sex unions and gay rights.

Asked by host Kalb “Should gays have rights?” the 6’4” Boston University graduate replied, “Sure. They are Americans.”

O’Reilly continued: “Do I care about this? Not really. I don’t care what Lenny and Squiggy do. They want to get married, let them get married. If you open it up for one group, you’ve got to open it up for all the groups. And they have done that in Holland, by the way.”

Pressed by Kalb, who asked “In terms of gays, you would have no problem with marriage?,” the Fox host answered “Personally? I don’t care.”