Watch Out For Foreskin Man!

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)6/07/2011 5:05:31 am PDT

re: #117 Locker

I’m for banning infant circumcision. If an adult wants to chop, let em chop.

Are you also for banning cosmetic orthodontics for kids, sports for kids, weight training for kids, gymnastics for kids, ballet, and swimming?

You, personally, appear to have had a circumcision that caused harm. That sucks, and it obviously gives you a personal reason to oppose circumcision. But it’s not a meaningful argument. There is no one arguing that circumcision can never result in harm; however, it is a very rare occasion where it results in serious harm.

There are positive health benefits from circumcisions; the medical science is, in general, mixed on the subject, but the AIDS and HPV research certainly shows that circumcision helps to prevent their spread.

I don’t think you’re an anti-semite, but I think that you’re taking what happened to you and treating it as though it’s a common occurrence. It’s not going to convince anyone.

However, for you to not even look at the comic is rather stupid. Just like there are probably plenty of people in Arizona whose opposition to illegal immigration is principled and not based on racism, there’s a lot— far more, even— anti-circumcision people who are not basing their stand on racism.

But, just as in Arizona, you should look around and see who’s standing with you, who’s supporting it. And clearly, anti-semites are strongly on board with this.

I would respect your position more if you were supporting a bill that banned all cosmetic surgery on children, including cosmetic orthodontics— and a hell of a lot of braces and the like are not to prevent actual damage, but from the arguments of appearance and hygiene.