Egypt-Backed Gaza Gov't Murders 'Collaborator' in Street--with Children Present

sliv_the_eli11/16/2012 3:36:37 pm PST

re: #13 Obdicut

Easy there. I’m not trying to mess with you on this. If you go back to your post #3, which is where this point started, you made the point that the execution of an alleged collaborator should be taken as a lesson to those who blithely exhort the residents of the Gaza Strip to “throw off” Hamas rule. I understood you to be referring to those who would urge them to openly challenge — even perhaps by force — the Hamas regime. It may be that I understood your comment too broadly, but my comment that there is little evidence of a significant number of those who are interested in “throwing off” Hamas rule stemmed from that understanding.

Obviously that is different from those who would readily, if elections were ever actually held, vote Hamas out of power because they “hate” Hamas. That, BTW, is where I make the distinction between those who “hate” Hamas and those who would “throw off” Hamas. (To put my usage of the language in the perspective of U.S. politics, there are many people who might “hate” the Obama administration, and vote against the President, but would not take up arms against the government).

Obviously, the conversation has strayed a bit from where it started, but that is where my thoughts came from.