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Woody Harrelson, Martin Sheen In 9/11 “Truther” Film

Martin Sheen and Woody Harrelson are two A-list celebs making the terrible, terrible decision to appear in a forthcoming 9/11 “truther” film called September Morn.

The flick, due in 2013, will present some of the theories that 9/11 conspiracy theorists spout regarding the American government being behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Sheen, Harrelson, and the film’s other star Ed Asner have all independently made comments in interviews over the years confirming they believe there may be some legitimacy to trutherism.

According to the 12 Angry Men reference in flick’s description on IMDB, September Morn sees itself as more noble than “tin foil hat”:

“We the people demand that the government revisit and initiates a thorough and independent investigation to the tragic events of 911. In the vein of ‘12 Angry Men’ this dramatic piece is set with a stellar and award winning cast.”