Joe Biden's Great In-Depth Interview With Stephen Colbert: Trump Put the Country in a Terrible Spot by Failing to Act [VIDEO]

Belafon5/22/2020 1:00:11 pm PDT

About Reade’s “expert” testimony:

Reade has testified in at least 20 cases in the last decade. One of them involves Victoria Ramirez and Jennifer Vazquez, who were sent to prison for life in 2018 after they tried to burn down the home of Ramirez’ boyfriend after they caught him boinking another woman. Reade, then known as Alexandra McCabe, testified about the nature of intimate partner violence—specifically, why the boyfriend initially claimed he saw two women fleeing the scene, but later told police that he actually saw two men on the run.

Vazquez’ lawyer, Roland Soltesz, recalled that Reade’s testimony was critical to prosecutors making their case that Vazquez and Ramirez actually set the fire. His law partner, William Pernik, underscored just how serious this could potentially be if it turns out Reade lied about her credentials.