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Old Liberal4/20/2019 10:08:40 am PDT

re: #163 Eclectic Cyborg

Quote from a Columbine survivor re: Sandy Hook

“I’m also still pretty jaded. When I talked to the teachers from Sandy Hook, and they said, “Do you think this is going to make a difference?” I said, “Nope. It’s not. The NRA is really powerful, and it’s not going to make a dent.”

Sadly, she was right. Even a bunch of dead first graders was not enough to make us seriously rethink our gun laws.

I contend that if pictures of the carnage were shown the horror would overcome the asshole NRA. Who can forget the photo of the fireman carrying little Bayley’s dead body in his arms after the OKC bombing? People cry privacy but I think that was an idea promulgated by those who simply want to hide the horror. Bush wouldn’t allow caskets to be filmed out of “respect”. Bullshit it was to sanitize and propagandize. Until people see the actual horror it’s an abstract idea. I remember how MADD brought smashed bloody cars to show what drunk drivers destroy.