Investors Business Daily --shill for the GOP?

ausador7/17/2012 4:39:00 pm PDT

re: #16 SidewaysQuark

What the hell has government spending ever done for us?

Seriously, besides national defense, interstate highways, nuclear power, space exploration, computer technology, safe food inspection, outdoor recreation, sustainable resource conservation, globally renowned research, computing infrastructure, safe waste disposal, railways, postal service, the electric grid and the internet, what has it ever really done for the common man or business owner?

Ha! If the government hadn’t been in the way and doing all those things thru socialism paid for by ruinous levels of taxation upon the common man and catastrophic taxes on business, then the real Libertarian men and women of this country would have stepped up and done it themselves out of the money saved. They would have done it faster and cheaper too! By now everyone would have a hover car in their driveway!

I want my hovercar dammit! Get big government off our backs!

Ron Paul 2012!