Top IRS Official Will Invoke 5th Amendment

Obdicut (Now with 2% less brain)5/22/2013 1:20:34 pm PDT

re: #163 Political Atheist

So we set the bar for the 5th really really low in this particular instance. t

No, man, I don’t set the bar. People set that bar for themselves. I’m not going to decide for someone else how much they should fear imprisonment, especially in an area I know fuck-all about. This isn’t a homicide, she’s not keeping Jack the Ripper free.

the wisdom of that will fail as soon as it lets a real serious crook from within government off the hook at some future date.

The wisdom of what? A real serious crook would, of course, take the fifth. You’re not being very coherent.

Oh if the shoe ere on the other partisan foot so much would be said differently by so many.

Have you missed the fact that I am basically calling for investigations into whether charitable groups with ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ in their name get investigated? See, because I care deeply about it, I want it clean, and I want any scammers gone. I welcome investigation into the charities associated with issues I care about, because i don’t want people’s money on an issue I care deeply about being misspent on fraudulent assholes.

Or, to put it another way, back during the heyday of the mob it was absolutely appropriate for a union in known gangster territory to get investigated.

So put the shoe on my foot, I like it fine.