Sheryl Crow Gets Very Political and It Is Good: "Story of Everything" Ft. Chuck D, Andra Day, Gary Clark Jr.

Joe Bacon 🌹9/18/2019 6:23:20 am PDT

re: #180 Citizen K

That’s the dirty secret to our entire society it seems: no one is really obligated to treat anyone with any respect or decency, and the only real camaraderie is in banding together to demean and disrespect groups too weak or too small to fight back. Any assumption of inherent dignity will only result in being taken advantage of by those strong enough and smart enough to take advantage of you until they shiv you.

It’s a cynical, nihilistic, and inherently bleak worldview. But looking at who gets to succeed in our country, and the deference those who hide nothing about their shittiness receive, it’s apparently the most realistic one.

Listen to the callers we deal with at work and they love how Trump kicks down colored people and gays. That’s the main thing they live for—seeing gawd’s anointed king defend the white race. And that attitude is reenforced every second by the Republican 24/7 Bullshit machine on the radio, in newspapers, on the net and especially in the churches.