Shocker: Donald Trump Told Reckless Lies About Coronavirus Today, While the CDC Issued Dire Warnings

Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus2/25/2020 2:46:52 pm PST

re: #171 The Ghost of a Flea

One thing lacking in our public discourse are serious critiques of the United States as a nation-state. We are always trumpeted as a success, because we have the biggest military, biggest national GDP, etc.

Conceptually it is not hard to show that “success” can be defined in many ways. But in our daily discourse, like even today with the equity markets crashing, we cast “success” in terms of monetary value.

And we use monetary value to provide a ranking system, of how to rank each member in our society.

One of the great failures of marxism in my lifetime has been a lack of really addressing the 21st century, instead trying to relive the battles of the 19th century.

Today we must deal with a world that is highly interconnected, and this brings about a complexity that is lost on so many ideologues.