ABC Has a Recording of Donald Trump Yelling 'Take Her Out' About Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch

Patricia Kayden1/24/2020 1:21:08 pm PST

re: #13 Targetpractice

The wingnut defense of Yovanovitch’s removal has been “SHE SERVES AT THE PLEASURE OF THE PRESIDENT!” But there’s no way in Hell that it is acceptable to remove an ambassador on behalf of a bunch of corrupt Ukrainian thugs working for a corrupt businessman who is trying to trade “dirt” on a political opponent of the president for the DOJ dropping charges.

Since she served at his pleasure, why didn’t he go through regular channels to remove her? Why direct thugs to get rid of her? Deplorables would be screaming bloody murder if President Obama had said similar words to non-government individuals with shady backgrounds. Hell, even I would have criticized Obama and I love him.