The Oslo Terrorist's 'Counter-Jihad' Ideology

PhillyPretzel7/24/2011 3:49:48 pm PDT

OT: Here is the story of Beekiller’s “Arabic Rice” Experiment. This past week has been Experimental Meal Week in the beekiller household. Last night’s meal was the straw that broke the experimental camel’s back. “Arabic Rice” read the recipe. The recipe sounded different. Ground beef, garlic powder, allspice, cinnamon, rice, beef bouillon and water. Simple, yet different. It was not until I started making it that I realized something was horribly wrong.
THREE TABLESPOONS of garlic powder.
I love me some garlic. But three tablespoons in any dish and you’re asking for trouble.
I don’t know about you. But when I eat my hamburger, I don’t normally coat it in cinnamon.
It stunk the house up like a camel’s ass. We sat down to eat it. We both took a bite. And then we put the entire skillet full of Arabic Rice and the contents of our bowls in the garbage disposal. My GOD that was some nasty shit. At least I know what to expect when I bite into a taco. I know it won’t taste like I’m tonguing a burro’s ass, that’s for sure.