Good tarp news ?

avanti10/04/2010 2:04:55 pm PDT

re: #1 Buck

I think you misunderstand where the real anger comes from.

The banks were bailed out. Immediately afterwards it was business as usual. They kept their jobs, and bonuses. They still spent and lived the good life. (at least that is the perception), where the the regular Joe’s are still 12% unemployed and still suffering.

Also the money was supposed to be used to not only ‘bail them out’, but to grease the skids on lending… people still feel that lending has not returned to the regular Joe.

And the third thing (I think) is that the anger is over how no one ever counts the debt (bailout) given to Fanny and Freddie. They always seem exempt. From the money count, and from new regulations.

I think that is where most of the real anger is coming from, and if the administration misses that, they will have missed most of the point.

OK, why the bitching on the right when the administration tried to regulate the industry and and limit bonuses. It was accused of class warfare and being anti capitalist.