A Response to Killgore Trout and Other Opponents of Wikileaks

researchok12/12/2010 5:16:30 pm PST

I could care less what ‘a hundred million Americans’ do in private and as consenting adults.

I do care that there are politicians who give Creationism and ID a phony platform so as to further their political agenda. That particular species are behaving true to form.

I do not care that there are Wiccans, Amish, whack jobs who believe in the premise of Chariots of the Gods or fundamentalists who believe the Second Coming will occur in the next ten minutes. I don’t care that there are entire populations who want desperately to believe that attacking sharks are of the Jewish persuasion. People are free to believe in what they want.

Supporting Assange and his agenda is a whole other ball of wax is a matter that does concern me.

It is one thing to support radicalism in the effort to defeat oppressive and repressive regimes. It is quite another matter to support radicals in what the end is nothing less than the undermining of a free society.

Mr Brown, you point out we are an imperfect society, as if this were revelatory. You might be surprised to learn that most of us already know this and even if we didn’t, this is in no way makes Assange a hero.

America did not create the murderous and corrupt societies you speak of Mr Brown. That we have to deal with them is a fact of life in the same way we have to deal with bullies and obnoxious neighbors.

If the kind of America Assange, Anonymous and the hard left wants to see as a reality were to come to pass, do you believe gays will no longer be executed in some nations? Do you believe FGM will become a distant memory? Do you believe China will become a bastion of freedom? Do you believe the Arab world will shed the shackles of oppression to become the people of the next Exodus?

I for one am glad to see the US government look down on many of these oppressive regimes, because in fact, they are not our equals. We do not have to defend our freedoms as superior to oppressive regimes.

Defending Assange and Wikileaks matters because we give them a platform. We are saying your efforts are ‘equal’ and ‘different’ to our own. Well, those efforts are not equal or simply different than our own.

Wikileaks is about undermining a free society- all free societies, really. It is not a J’Accuse of a particular policy or platform. Wikileaks is about the wholesale tearing down of a society and nations so that new ones, more in line with oppressive regimes (and let’s not kid ourselves about that) can emerge.

If Wikileaks were truly about making things better the emphasis would be on rehabilitation and not on destruction.

People who have made real contributions and who have succeeded in life do not behave the way Assange, et al, have.

To create requires real effort and commitment and long and hard work. To build and create is a Herculean effort. When you can’t really create or haven’t really succeeded at anything, tearing down becomes a clarion call.

Assange and company want only to tear down. They offer us nothing but chaos and anarchy, cloaked in nice words and high minded drivel- and that is why virtually every oppressive regime supports their efforts. It bears remembering that so many regimes who enthusiastically support Assange are the first to throw bloggers and critics of those regimes into prison or worse. It also bears remembering that Assange has been smart enough not to criticize those regimes.

The Emperor Assange wears no clothes.