According to a Wisconsin Bill, Single Moms Are a Child Abuse Threat

researchok3/18/2012 2:56:22 pm PDT

re: #1 Buck

The author may or may not gave an agenda.

What is more relevant is why the Wisconsin state legislature ‘takes the state-funded Child Abuse Prevention Board to task for not railing against single parenthood’.

Since when are those kinds of ideas the business of any state legislature? Further, if the legislators really wanted to address single parenthood, the logical way to do that is to address marriage and divorce. They are the primary cause of single parenthood.

Why place the blame on the single parent only and not address the real causes?

That is profound hypocrisy at a minimum.

I am no wild social liberal but positions such as this, the stance against gay marriage, etc., are missing the point entirely.

Government has no business in the bedrooms- or living rooms of the nation.

If you want to address social issues, deal with causes and not the results.