Church Pre-School Teacher Hogtied 2-Year-Old, Took Pictures and Bragged About It to Girl's Mother

majii3/25/2013 3:31:37 pm PDT

This is one of the worst dangers of some of these types of schools, but it’s not the only one. The politicians and citizens who are calling for more public education to be funneled to religious schools are short-changing our kids. Many of these schools don’t have to meet the same academic standards as public schools, their teachers don’t have to meet the same professional requirements as public school teachers, and they can replace science with creationism. That this woman, who wasn’t certified to teach, felt comfortable hogtying this child and flaunting it in the parents’ faces says a lot about how little the administrators at this school care about the safety of their students and the qualifications of their teachers. If I were these parents, I’d sue the school and this fake teacher, too. IMHO, this case also demonstrates that religious schools are not always the best places to enroll one’s kid(s.) A Christian school here in Middle GA had to shutdown recently when it was discovered that one of its’ junior administrators was a convicted felon from FL. Evidently, the head administrator that hired her didn’t do a thorough background check. The woman had worked at the school for over a year. The incident became public knowledge after the woman decided to sue the school because she felt she had been fired for the wrong reasons.