U.S. Commentator Mike Harris: Israel Carried Out Newtown Massacre, Operates Death Squads in the U.S.

Mad Prophet Ludwig12/20/2012 12:44:59 pm PST

re: #19 Locker

Wait, Locker, I am not trying to flame the crap out of you. I really am not.

Could it be that over the years many of your comments would be seen as a little harsh on Israel and a little forgiving of the other side? Could it be that your upding and downding history shows something of that bias?

In fact, could it be that your very post right here in this thread, discounting something real fits well with that perception?

Again, I am really not trying to get into a flame war with you, and I am certainly not going to go through everything you have ever written, much of it very good, but you shat all over this post without looking at a single one of its merits - why was that?